Cable Tracers HD909 | Office Plus

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Cable Tracers

Model: HD909 Discontinued

Manufacturer Model No.: AT-2004-A

  • Cable Tracing System
  • All components are fully fuse protected and intrinsically safe; and fit into a foam-lined carrying case
  • Model R2000 Receiver has two detectors in its tip which are tuned to pick up the electromagnetic signals ('short' mode) or electrostatic signals ('open' mode) generated by other components
  • LEDs and sensitivity settings indicate the relative signal strength to allow easy detection of the signal source
  • Model S2600 Load Signal Generator, when connected to an energized line, will draw a rapidly fluctuating current pulse from the source, causing the power line to emit an electromagnetic signal which is detected by the R2000 in the 'short' mode
  • Model T2200 Transmitter injects a signal into an unenergized conductor. If the conductor is broken (open), no current will flow, so the signal is present as a voltage pulse, which is detected along the conductor's length by the R2000's electrostatic detector ('open' mode)
  • Model A2201 Inductive Clamp when clamped around the energized line and plugged into the T2200 will induce a signal onto the downstream (load) side to enable identification of equipment on that circuit
  • Includes: Receiver, load signal generator, transmitter, clamp-on transmitter accessory, cordsets and adapter

AT-6030 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit IC070 | Office Plus


AT-6030 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

Model: IC070

Manufacturer Model No.: AT-6030